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dolphin 16_01813_lbc-basement_plans__proposed_wetherspoons
graylingwell aerial designers dream
graylingwell detailed plan, conduits and well
graylingwell plan with well and springs ponds
lower graylingwell, chichester oxfordar1-367893_1
punch house floor_plan
shippams 03_01775_cac-proposed_demolition_site_plan-307608
shipppams 03_01775_cac-existing_basement_floor_plan-307602
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65 East Street

I worked at 65 East Street when it was ''Hammick''s Bookshop'' (now Specsavers). We had a trapdoor in the middle of the floor that led down to a tunnel-shaped cellar that seemed to extend through the front of the shop and under the pavement outside. I didn''t see any evidence of it ever having joined another tunnel and imagine that perhaps there was once an opening in the pavement for deliveries.



Chichester Culverts

We do not suggest going into the culverts.
These are not classified as tunnels and can be dangerous

 video of culverts/storm drains/winterbourne route


Map of Chichester showing Rivers\\/map.srf?x=486359&y=104953&z=120&sv=chichester&st=3&tl=Map%20of%20Chichester%2C%20West%20Sussex%20[City%2FLarge%20Town]&searchp=ids.srf&mapp=map.srf&fbclid=IwAR2IV7YUeQ8u_GBTHRE24fSpUvVRwu5CpZxdPt1fs_injtw73WMxXbTQ25s

27 East street

My mum worked 27 east street and when it flooded in the 90s they found a big cellar and you could look down into an area which was like a tunnel

Summersdale Neighbourhood Character Appraisal


Summersdale is an attractive area in the north of Chichester. Spacious
and leafy, the character of the area is now under threat with many houses
on large plots at risk of demolition and re-development. It is an historic
suburb with high quality architecture in street scenes that are worthy of
enlightened protection.

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researching properties using the council planning system

An introduction to researching properties

whyke lodge




Doline – Chichester To Westbourne

Doline  – Chichester To Westbourne


 Brandy Hole Lane, East Broyle Copse area in the northwest part of Chichester. A well-developed doline line extends east-west across the area to the north of Brandy Hole Lane, along the underlying Chalk-Reading Beds boundary.

The Environment Agency has made 1m-resolution LIDAR imagery coverage for large areas of England and Wales freely available on the internet under Open Government Licence (

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The Punch house

punch house pub

ON THE south side of East Street, close to the Market Cross, lies number 92 which up until fairly recently was The Royal Arms public house (also known as Ye Olde Punch House).

Although the façade dates to the Georgian era, the building is of a timber-framed construction said to date from the 16th century.

 Much of the original building survives including highly decorated plaster ceilings displaying the Tudor Rose and fleur-de-lis.

 It was once a private town house belonging to the Lumley family of Stansted.

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Russilon Barracks

The Chichester SMR holds information for 48 sites, whilst the National Monuments Record
Centre holds details of a further 16 sites within the study area. An additional four sites were
located through analysis of historic mapping and during the course of the walkover survey and
one from aerial photographs. Full site descriptions and locations can be seen in Appendix B.
Within the report, the bracketed numbers after site descriptions relate to those allocated to
individual sites in Appendix B and on Figure 2.

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